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Fish Habitat - Spider Block Building Instructions

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Lake Notes is a series of publications produced by the Illinois Environment Protection Agency about issues confronting Illinois' lake resources. The objective of these publications is to provide lake and watershed residents with a greater understanding of environmental cause-and-effect relationships, and actions we all can take to protect our lakes.  Twenty-Six fact sheets have been completed to date they include:  To access these fact sheets click here.  Lake Notes

Blue Gill Ponds

Below is an ilustration of the recommended Blue Gill Pond.  This Pond provides optimum shore line to have youth and their families fish for bluegill.Blue Gill Pond Illustration.png

Minimum depth for sustaining warm water species like bass and panfish is 10 feet.

The entire pond need not be this deep, but unless 25 to 50 percent of its surface area lies at such depths, the pond will not provide the right amount of dissolved oxygen in winter and range of temperatures in summer that fish need to survive.  

If your team requires additional information they may want to contact Robert Sousa, a member of BSA National Fishing Task Force and veteran of many years of service with US Fish and Wildlife, can provide much more insight on this design if your team decides to go forward.    Bob is a passionate Scouter, and understand the value of getting Cubbies their "First Catch". 

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